Welcome to my website! My name is Jamil Scott and I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Political Science Department at Michigan State University.

My research interests lie in the areas of political behavior, political representation, race and ethnicity politics, and gender politics. I seek to explain individual’s motivations to participate in political activities in conventional ways, particularly as candidates and officeholders, as well as in unconventional ways, like protest and political engagement via social media. Moreover, I examine the behaviors of officeholders within office as a means of understanding political representation and behaviors within institutions, such as legislatures.

In my dissertation, I examine the relationship between candidate training programs and representational outcomes. Specifically, I am interested in addressing the following questions: What role do training programs play in fostering the political ambition of women and minorities? Does completing a training program improve the electoral chances of participants? What are the occupational and educational backgrounds of training program participants? What do these programs tell us about the under-representation of women and minorities in elected positions?

By examining the aforementioned questions, I hope to shed light on how candidate training programs might matter in further understanding why women and minorities are under-represented in politics. Much of my data is derived from the Michigan Political Leadership Program (MPLP), a training program associated with the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University.

I am currently a King Chavez Parks Future Faculty Fellow   and I will be joining the Government Department at Georgetown University in Fall 2018.

Please enjoy exploring my website!